Application Requirements

Apply to the Ph.D. Program in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

To apply for our Ph.D program, prospective students should follow the directions on the UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience (GPB) webpage.

The Molecular Pharmacology: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Biology of Disease is a Home Area within the broader UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience (GPB).  The Home Areas are composed of interdepartmental group of faculty and students with shared interests in research areas and approaches. 

Our Home Area will start accepting applications for Fall 2018 in mid-September. To be considered for admission, please visit our Home Area website and complete the application process.

Alternate Ph.D. Entry Programs

We accept students through the following academic programs at UCLA:

Pharmacology vs. Pharmacy

IMPORTANT! If your goal is to be able to dispense drugs as a pharmacist, you want a PHARMACY school, not a Pharmacology program. The following schools in California have Pharmacy programs: