Melanie Ho Headshot

As inaugural recipients of the Cultural North Star in Action Grants, the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine EDI Committee and Pediatric Women in Science Doctors of Medicine, partnering with the Pediatrics EDI Committee are working together to make things better by being constantly curious. They are excited to invite you to their groundbreaking workshop series, “Empowering Harmonious Futures: Navigating EDI in Leadership,” facilitated by Dr. Melanie Ho, author of Beyond Leaning In. The final workshop in this series, "From Confrontation to Collaboration: Leading through Conflict and Uncertainty," will explore the following learning objectives:

  • Master the art of navigating uncertainty with grace and effective, transparent communication. 

  • Develop strategies for organizational alignment, personal growth in complexity management, and transforming challenges into opportunities.

This event is open to all UCLA Bruins and community members.