About the MMP Graduate Program

The graduate program in the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology (DMMP) offers opportunities for research in a wide range of areas, providing access to challenging scientific problems to be solved by integrating pharmacological, biological, physical, engineering and medical sciences to explore mechanisms of disease. Biological systems used for research in the DMMP range from sub-cellular and biophysical through a single cell to a whole organism, including human patients. Our research includes studies of basic cell biological properties and alterations that occur in disease, with goals that – in appropriate contexts – extend both to the development of new in vitro and in vivo molecular diagnostics and to development of molecular therapeutics. Along with Pharmacology’s Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division, which involves PET and Nuclear Medicine imaging research and clinical service, and the Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, students have access to diverse science and technologies. In addition, the Department has close ties and interactions with several biotechnology companies and start-ups. This program provides education, experience and industry mentorship to graduate students in the DMMP (and other academic programs) to prepare them for professional careers.

The DMMP provides opportunities for graduate students to gain leadership skills by participating as Graduate Student Representatives. In addition, there are several forums in the Department that enable graduate students to present research and hone their public speaking skills. Among these are the annual Pharmacology retreat and the more frequent bi-weekly Pharm Fridays, where students share their research progress with their peers and faculty. Students are also highly encouraged by their advisers to attend and present their work at national and international conferences.  You can also attend professional and career development activities curated by the GPB (Graduate Programs in Biosciences).