Nicole Eberhart, PhD
Hosted by: Eddy Machtinger, MD and Nicole Eberhart, PhD

This webinar will highlight recently published key findings from the California ACEs Learning and Quality Improvement Collaborative (CALQIC), which was a two-year, 48-clinic, seven-region collaborative that examined the challenges and facilitators to implementing, scaling, and sustaining ACE screening and response in frontline Medi-Cal clinics. Participants will hear from Dr. Edward Machtinger, who co-directed CALQIC (with Drs. Marguerita Lightfoot and Anda Kuo) and Dr. Nicole Eberhart, a Senior Behavioral Scientist at RAND Corporation, a CALQIC evaluation partner. The webinar will describe results of the evaluation study, implications for ACE screening and response implementation, and future directions for the field of ACEs, toxic stress, and trauma-informed care for clinics across the state.