Matthias Mann
Hosted by: Cardiac Arrhythmia Center

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Matthias Mann Director, Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich, Germany

Join us for a talk by Dr. Matthias Mann, a pioneer in proteomics. With a Ph.D. from Yale, Dr. Mann contributed to Nobel-winning work in electrospray ionization. He currently directs the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry and has a simultaneous appointment at Copenhagen University. His team focuses on translational research in body fluid/tissue proteomics and signaling. With over 850 publications, Dr. Mann is one of the most cited researchers, with an h-index of 264 and more than 300,000 citations. He has received numerous prestigious awards including the Otto-Warburg Medal, Germany's Leibniz Prize, the K├Ârber European Science Prize, and the Louis-Jeantet Foundation Prize for Medicine.

Host: Olujimi Ajijola, MD, PhD

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