John D Port, MD, PhD
Hosted by: UCLA Brain Research Institute Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Affinity Group

Our second lecture of the 2024 season will be on medical and psychiatric applications of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). MRS has accepted (and reimbursable) uses in evaluating brain hypoxia, numerous metabolic disorders, and, above all, multiple aspects of brain tumor management. It is an experimental and investigational method for a far wider range of disorders, including many neurologic (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, PTSD, TBI, migraine,…) and psychiatric (ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder, bipolar, OCD, substance use disorders, schizophrenia,… ) conditions. Our speaker will provide us with an expert critical review of medical applications of MRS and an assessment of what prospects there may be for the future. He also promises a bit of humor, we shall see!

Dr. John Port is our speaker, a clinician investigator at the world famous Mayo Clinic who might be called “the Conscience of MR Spectroscopy”. For decades, he has encouraged MRS investigators not to occupy themselves exclusively with esoteric details of pulse-sequence development, but also to seek concrete, clinic-friendly applications of MRS for real-world diseases. Practicing what he preaches, Dr. Port’s career has focused on developing MRS tools for psychiatric illness. He has also developed or enhanced techniques for determining muscle and liver fat composition. Currently, he is working on MRS applications in oncology, polycystic kidney disease, and multiple sclerosis. He is certain to give us a sober and reliable overview and assessment of MRS in medicine.

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