Pharmacology Graduate Student

I received my B.S. in Biochemistry and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While at UW I studied a theranostic pan-cancer targeted radionuclide therapy agent in various cancer models and its combination with immunotherapy. After graduation, I stayed at UW as a research intern, during this time I investigated several molecular imaging probes with a primary focus on fibrosis. I developed a localized, rapidly progressing lung fibrosis model and imaged it with both 68Ga-FAPI-46, and an 89Zr labeled FAP antibody to monitor disease activity. My primary research interests include both theranostic approaches to cancer treatment, in addition to, investigating molecular imaging probes to elucidate disease mechanisms and monitor progression. When I’m not in the lab I enjoy spending time outside, especially at the beach, and exploring new places.

Associated Faculty

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