Dr. Moe (MO-ay) Ishihara received her bachelor's degree in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology and PhD in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology from UCLA. As a diligent researcher with 8+ years of training in oncology, molecular biology & neuroscience, Moe has led high-throughput drug screenings for metastatic kidney cancer and developed a sustainable animal model in 18 months, with the help of 15 mentees throughout her career. Her research aims to find a new drug for metastatic kidney cancer based on a novel metastatic mechanism, where tumor heterogeneity and intra-tumor communication are keys to aggressive transformation and metastasis in kidney cancer. Outside of the lab, Moe enjoys cooking, traveling, and road trips, aiming to visit all the 63 US national parks.


Associated Faculty

Lily Wu, M.D., Ph.D.