As a clinician-scientist, I focus on developing novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies for advanced diseases with translational potential. My research interests are identifying new molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development, improving cancer early detection, and discovering molecular-based therapeutic strategies for clinically significant diseases.

My research focuses on the development of novel tissue and blood-based biomarkers that can be used in clinical practice to improve the stratification and prediction of high-risk diseases. I am developing new antibody-targeted therapies and optical imaging agents for epithelial cancers. I use proteomic approaches and high-throughput screening to identify molecular-based therapeutic targets, new small-molecule inhibitors, and combination therapeutic strategies for lethal cancers.


2007-2012: M.D, Central South University, Clinical Medicine

2012-2017: Ph.D., Peking University, Department of Oncology

2014-2016: Joint Ph.D., University of Miami, Department of Surgery

2017-2019: Residency, Central South University, Department of Surgery

2019-2023: Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University, Department of Radiology, Stoyanova lab

2023: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles, Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, Stoyanova lab

2024-Present: Assistant Adjunct Professor, University of California, Los Angeles, Molecular and Medical Pharmacology