10-240 Factor Building

Positions & Affiliations:

Chief, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine, Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
Senior Associate Dean for Translational Research
UCLA Associate Vice Chancellor for Research


Steven Dubinett first became interested in lung cancer immunology research while a pulmonary research fellow in the Department of Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital. There he took part in the first clinical trial using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes to treat patients with cancer. While some of the patients with renal cancer and melanoma had very dramatic anti-tumor responses, the patients with lung cancer did not respond to the therapy. After moving to UCLA in 1988, he began his research program focusing on understanding why lung cancer patients were not responding to immunotherapy. This has led to research related to immunity and inflammation in the pathogenesis of lung cancer, currently funded by Stand Up to Cancer, the NCI Moonshot Human Tumor Atlas Network, NCI Early Detection Research Network, NCI Molecular Characterization Laboratory Program and CIRM.

Research Description:

The Dubinett laboratory program focuses on the nature of immune suppression in lung cancer, including the role of inflammation and immunity in the pathogenesis of pulmonary premalignancy. The program seeks to improve early detection and cancer interception. In addition, mechanism-based translational and clinical studies evaluate combination immunotherapies for advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Recent studies evaluate the capacity for enhancing responses to immune checkpoint blockade for non-small cell lung cancer by in situ vaccination with autologous dendritic cells gene modified to express CCL21.

Current Lab Members

  • M.D.