10833 Le Conte Ave., Suite 72-215 CHS, Los Angeles CA 90095
Lab: CHS A- level: AR-161, AR-179, and AR-249

Positions & Affiliations:

Professor of Surgery and Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology
Vice Chair, Surgical Cancer Care
Residency Program Director, UCLA General Surgery
Gary Shandling Chair in Pancreatic Surgery
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Dr. Timothy R. Donahue (MD) is a Professor in the Department of Surgery and Molecular & Medical Pharmacology, Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology, Vice Chair for Surgical Cancer Care. He holds the Gary Shandling Chair in Pancreatic Surgery. In addition to being a pancreatic surgeon, he runs a NIH funded laboratory that is focused on pancreatic cancer tumor biology and metabolism. The overall goal of his research is to identify new therapeutic combinations for patients with pancreatic cancer through a fundamental mechanistic investigation. Through those complimentary efforts, he has bridged his pancreatic surgery practice with his pancreatic cancer research program.

Research Description

Dr. Timothy Donahue (MD) is an expert in pancreatic cancer tumor biology and metabolism, and aims to discover novel therapeutics and personalized treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer patients. Specifically, his laboratory studies the impact of the tumor microenvironment, and the cross-talk between metabolism and signaling to identify co-dependencies of pancreas cancer tumor cells. He is responsible for generating many human-derived pancreatic resources at UCLA – most notably the primary human tumor xenograft model, primary cell and organoid cultures, and a well-annotated repository of human pancreatic cancer specimen.

Current Lab Members

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