Dr. Yingqing (Joanne) Lu received her bachelor’s degree in Material Chemistry from South China Normal University (Guangzhou, China) in 2014. She then completed her master’s degree in Biomedical Radiation Sciences from Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea) in 2017. During her master’s studies, she worked under the direction of Prof. Sang Eun Kim (M.D., Ph.D.) and Prof. Byung Chul Lee (Ph.D.) on [18F]fluorine chemistry and the development of new radiopharmaceuticals related to myocarditis, translocator protein (TSPO), and tumor hypoxia. 

In 2018, she began her Ph.D. studies in the Physics & Biology in Medicine Interdepartmental Program at UCLA. She joined Prof. Michael van Dam’s lab, focusing her research on the applications of microvolume radiosynthesis, high-throughput radiochemistry development, the PHENYX microvolume radiosynthesizer, and electrochemical radiofluorination. She earned her Ph.D. in 2023 and has since continued in Prof. van Dam’s lab as a postdoctoral fellow.

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